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Photo Gallery | Behind the Scenes Photos: Local Band Films Music Video at District Underground

Crash Boom Bang, a locally-based band, worked on filming a music video with 8112 Studios this past weekend at the District Underground. Crash Boom Bang produces a blend of rock and pop, and this particular music video is one of their biggest efforts to put them in the national spotlight thus far. The members of Crash Boom Bang are this week's Super NoVA for their musical talents and their ambitions to make it big.

"Our goal with this video is to literally have it everywhere. If it doesn't get on MTV or VH1 then somebody has not done their job," said Director Nicholas Chambata.

The music video they produced this weekend is of their newest song, VIP. The band has been together for about 4 years and hopes this song will be the kind of music you will want to listen to when you want to go out and have a good time.

"This is our first full production video. We just released an album called These Wild Things," said lead vocalist and guitarist Omar Ruiz, who went to McLean High School.

Other members of the band include two brothers, Raul and Mauricio Rivero, who attended Jeff Stuart High School in Falls Church. Raul is the second vocalist and bass player, while Mauricio is on the drums. Chaucer, the lead guitarist, originally hails from Florida but has been in the Northern Virginia area for about 10 years now.

Check out the behind the scenes photos. You can expect to see the music video out in about a month from now!