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Photo Gallery | Local Director Aspires to be the 'Creative Ambassador' of the Washington D.C. Region

Pentagon City resident and Director Nicholas Cambata never took a class or course on filmmaking or photography; he taught himself through trial and error. After graduating from American University, where he studied business management, Cambata went on to start his own production company, 8112 Studios, making him this week's Super NoVA.

"I started by offering video services, but my big break was working on several episodes of a show for the Travel Channel, which taught me a lot about production and gave me the confidence to start my own production company," said Cambata.

Most recently, Cambata had the opportunity to shoot the band Gym Class Heroes in New York. While the schedule was pretty hectic, he had a lot of fun with the shoot, and even got to see them perform in a free private concert. The next project for 8112 Studios is a fairly large music video shoot for the British group Dirty Vegas, right here in Washington D.C.

"If NoVa is lacking anything, its some artistic creativity. I'm not talking about culture, or a history of the arts....I'm talking about young, creative people that are trying to do different things. I'd like to be a creative ambassador for the area," said Cambata. 

Moreover, Cambata likes to bring projects back to the NoVA area because after being here for the last 20 years, his connections run deep.  8112 Studios believes that production resources are quite strong in the area, and venues and businesses are quite open to the idea of filming.

"This is the first music video for Dirty Vegas in a while that will feature the band (which won a Grammy for Days Go By), and we're filming it on the new RED EPIC camera system. So essentially we're going all out.  My Associate Producer and Publicist Pergrin has also set up a partnership with Microstrategy, a Northern Virginia based business technology company and we are using their new app Emma to cast and hire the crew," added Cambata.

8112 Studios will be hosting a casting call for this music video on Sunday, September 25th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Georgetown Waterfront.

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