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WWII Veterans Honored in Falls Church

WWII Veterans Honored in Falls Church

From Daniel P. Cortez:

Christine O’Donnell, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee who became a major political figure ousting an established conservative candidate but losing in the recent national election, will be the primary speaker at the Northern Virginia Tea party’s annual banquet December 7 as World War II veterans are honored.

Northern Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall will also be featured as a speaker at events scheduled for 7:30 at the Harvest Moon Restaurant in Falls Church. According to NVTP officials, tickets are still available to attend the function.

“We are delighted to have two such remarkable speakers that evening who promote our Tea Party principles” stated Ron Wilcox Lead Organizer with the NVTP.  In the September 2010 Republican primary, O’Donnell  of Delaware, defeated former governor Michael Castle who was also the nine-term U.S. Representative.

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