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Online Bill Payment Available in Falls Church

The Treasurer's Office of Falls Church, VA is now offering online bill pay for personal property bills. This offers a fast, easy, safe, secure and eco-friendly for residents to pay bills. It is more convenient than writing and mailing in checks, and when you pay online you get an email confirmation once the payment has been accepted. Moreover, the information is backed by the highest standards in security.

It is also another way for the city of Falls Church, VA to "go green" because it reduces the amount of paper use. For Phase I of the online bill pay, residents can view and pay for personal property tax bills, but eventually residents will be able to manage a variety of bills online such as parking tickets, water bills, recreation fees, real estate tax bills, and dog licenses.


Online Ads Stealing More Than Just Your Money

FALLS CHURCH, Va., (WUSA) -- Shari Ritter opens the door to her childhood home.

She cherishes special moments, growing up with her siblings and parents in their Arlington, Virginia home.

"They've been here for 49 years, and it's time for them to get a simpler life," Shari says.

So empty nesters Merwin and Polly Liss put the half million dollar house up for sale.  Lots of people responded to the listing, not to buy, but to rent.

"Initially I said there must be some mistake.  This property's not for rent.  It's only for sale," says realtor Carol McEwen.

Mary Agnes Condo Javier says she was excited to stumble upon the ad on Craigslist.

"I saw that it's $800, and I was like, 'oh, this is a good price!'" she says.

Carol McEwen says, "My initial reaction was that it was some kind of practical joke."

It was not.  The realtor realized crooks created a bogus classified in her client's name to scam consumers.

Arlington Pushes Back Car Tax Deadline To October 15

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) -- People in Arlington County, Virginia are getting an extension on paying their personal property tax bills, also known as the "car tax." That is because a lot of them have not received their bills yet.

Arlington County delayed the mailing of 115,000 personal property tax bills due to a printing error. The county treasurer said the forms from Graphics Communications were defective. The cost of reprinting will be picked up by the graphics company. But the end result means the tax bills did not go out early enough to give taxpayers time to meet the October 5 deadline to pay their taxes.

Fairfax County Schools Drop Chocolate Milk, Nuggets, Corn Dogs

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) - Fairfax County elementary school students will no longer be able to buy chocolate milk in school cafeterias. It's one of several new recommendations to make school food healthier, according to the Fairfax County Public Schools.

"They don't need all that sugar and calories. No child does," says Penny McConnell, Director of FCPS Food and Nutrition Services.

Not all parents are happy about this new decision. Some worry if there's no chocolate milk, their children won't drink any milk. McConnell says if kids won't drink fat free milk, they can drink water.

But some parents support the decision. "Chocolate milk is only for special occasions. It's like a milkshake, not for everyday," said Monika Sibert.

McConnell and her team have also taken corn dogs and chicken nuggets off the menu because they're too high in fat. More meaty, less breading chicken tenders are still available and so are low fat hot dogs on a whole wheat bun.

School Supplies Scarce At Stores

FALLS CHURCH, Va.  (WUSA) - Most  kids heading back to school this week have their school supplies ready go.  But for those families who waited until the last minute to go shopping,  many found themselves out of luck.  

The countdown to the school bell underway, it was a last ditch, frantic effort  to buy supplies.   

Nicole Smith went to the Greatland Target at Seven Corners and said, "I went into the store to buy a composition notebook and some pencils.  They have nothing.   I was very shocked." 

Mother of three Kay Leherr was glad she did most of her school supplies shopping several weeks ago, "There's nothing left.  Even last week we had a  hard time finding stuff we needed."

Some parents ordered their children's supplies  school through a company they does it for them.    

Local Marine Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington, Va. (WUSA) -- Tuesday evening, friends and family remembered a Falls Church marine killed while serving overseas.

Sergeant Ronald Rodriguez was killed last week in Afghanistan. His family buried him at Arlington National cemetery.

This was Rodriguez' third tour of duty in the war on terrorism. His first two were in Iraq.

Jonathan Morales, a friend of the fallen Marine, said Rodriguez was a man proud to serve his country..." Ronald and I played on the same soccer team growing up, lived on the same street our whole lives. He had a great sense of humor, diligent, hard working and proud to be in the Marines.

Rodriguez is survived by his parents and two sons.

It's Been Two Months Since Pham's Brutal Murder

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WUSA) -- Friday marks two months since 19-year-old Vanessa Pham was found in her crashed car with stab wounds to her body.

She was last seen at a nail salon in Fairfax Plaza shopping center off Gallows Road.

The family talked about the grim anniversary and how they've been dealing with the passing of their love one.

Tracy To is Vanessa Pham's cousin and says, "Not that you don't think about it every day, but when there's an anniversary all the emotions come streaming back."

19-year-old Vanessa Pham should have been heading back to school this week.

Her mother was suppose to be sending her daughter off to school as a sophomore this week at a prestigious Georgia fashion college, instead on Thursday, she's visiting her daughter's grave site.

Julie Pham says, "I pray for her before I sleep, I pray before I go to work. Coming here, I feel close to her."