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Specialty Gaming Equipment Tops Lists of Many This Holiday Season | News

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Specialty Gaming Equipment Tops Lists of Many This Holiday Season
Specialty Gaming Equipment Tops Lists of Many This Holiday Season


Specialty Gaming Equipment Tops Lists of Many This Holiday Season

For the millions of people who like to watch NASCAR, and for the millions of others who enjoy playing video games, two products are topping gamers’ wish lists. This holiday season, many people will find gifts under their tree, such as the Subsconic Racin’ Pro, which let them get a little closer to feeling like they are in the race, as well as the Fluo Controller, which adds color and flexibility to their video game playing.

“Those who want a unique, fun gift this year will want to check these out,” says Alison Morrison, CEO of Virginia-based FAME, a partner of SUBSONIC, the European-based company that developed the new Racin’ Pro game accessory. “The Racin’ Pro is slated to be one of the hottest sellers, this year, because so many people want the racing experience. And the Fluo Controller makes an ideal stocking stuffer.”

Racin’ Pro is a popular new video game accessory that gives people the feel that they are really in a race. The device has a steering wheel, padded upholstered seat, and programmable pedals that can be adjusted for height and inclination. It is compatible with both PC and PS3 gaming systems. The system also gives the user vibration feedback and realistic bends, to enhance the race experience. Subsonic also offers a line of accessories, which include dual gunfire, comfort sticks and triggers, a motion sports kit, and more.

The Fluo Controller is a new controller that works with both PS3 and PC models. It comes in four different fluorescent colors, including blue, green, pink, and yellow, and is wireless. It also provides vibration feedback and has been designed for handling comfort. The controller comes with a six-foot cord that can be used while the device is charging.

Both the Racin’ Pro and Fluo Controller are available at Walmart, Radio Shack, Meijer, J&R Music World, and other retailers offering gaming products.

“People love to play video games, but they want a more enhanced and comfortable experience,” added Morrison. “With these two gaming gifts, we are aiming to bring it to them this holiday season.”

SUBSONIC, founded in 2006, is a pioneer of accessory products. A top-three accessory manufacturer in Europe, Subsonic takes pride in its design and first-to-market approach. Ninety percent of all SUBSONIC products have been internally designed, providing consumers with an unparalleled level of quality control.  SUBSONIC prides itself in manufacturing high-end, feature-rich products for the discriminating gamer, superior in quality and value to all other competing products in the marketplace. Please visit www.subsonic.com for more info. 

Fame LLC
Williamsburg, VA-based Fame LLC is a limited liability company with a principal office and place of business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. FAME, LLC is the national distributor of the SUBSONIC product line. Under the direction of Chief Operating Officer Alison Morrison, Fame serves as the exclusive purchasing, distribution, fulfillment and sales enterprise for SUBSONIC’S products throughout the United States and all of North America.  Chief among the company’s responsibilities are product branding activities, ranging from logo development and creation to packaging, advertising, promotion and marketing. 

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