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Designer Knock Off Bags Bust | News

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Designer Knock Off Bags Bust

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WUSA) -- They can be your prized possession if it's real.

But some people were caught with nearly a millon dollars worth of fake designer merchandise but no one has been arrested.

Fake merchandise is a multi-billion dollar business and it's illegal.

Fairfax County Police Officer Don Gotthardt says a customer bought something and realized it was
counterfeit and contacted police.

He says that customer bought a purse at a booth inside 'Unique Thrift Store' off Gallows Road in Falls Church.

That launched an undercover operation. Police discovered $841-thousand dollars in counterfeit merchandise being moved in Fairfax County. Police found boxes of Louis Vuitton, Rolex watches and Coach bags. They were all fake.

Police say it's unclear if the store owner had any idea about it since lots of people lease space in the huge compound.  Police executed a search warrant at a townhome near by and seized more fake goods.

Many people know when they are getting a knock off especially when you pay 30 dollar instead of 500 dollars for a designer purse.

Go-to style expert George Worrell says, "They're getting so good. To the naked eye you wouldn't know it. But you can tell with the quality. You wouldn't get it wrapped in plastic.  The zipper can be tough."

But most important, Worrell says, it is up to the consumer to avoid temptation.
Worrell says, "People are going for it because it's cheap and they get away with it. But there is a lot of revenue the country is missing."

Police say the imposters are getting better and better. They say the fake merchandise was made in China without the brand name tags. But when they got shipped to the United States that's when the brand name tags were put in.

Police have not arrested anyone yet in this case and believe there is a larger scheme they're investigating.

Written by Surae Chinn
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